Why Travel With Us? |
  • The JE Travel Experience: High quality, Christ-centered travel engaging the local world for personal transformation.
  • Visit Top Locations and Most Popular Experiences: JE Staff research the top sites to visit, the most popular activities, local food, Christian History, and city secrets to ensure that your group leaves feeling accomplished.
  • High Quality Accommodations: Every Joshua Expeditions tour offers high quality local meals and hotel accommodations to provide the best possible travel experience. Regardless of the destination, Joshua Expeditions works hard to ensure that every trip makes a positive lasting impression.
  • Affordable: We understand the impact that the economy can have on travel planning, so our staff works with each group to accommodate a budget while still providing the very best to every traveler.
  • Simple Online Process: Our goal is to take away the hassle of organizing paperwork, trip logistics, insurance, and payments. We have a simple online account system which organizes your trip documents and payments for easy review.
  • Food for the Children: For every group that travels with Joshua Expeditions, we are able to give away 1 week of food to our partnering organizations in Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Los Angeles, Savannah, Romania, Rome, and Uganda.  These organizations provide year-round care for children, families, the homeless, or refugees.
  • Continuing Education Units: Joshua Expeditions is an ACSI approved CEU provider, offering CEU credits for teacher travel.

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