The JE Story |

In 1997, Joshua Expeditions, Inc. was founded as a Christian educational travel organization for the purpose of allowing students to engage in world-wide travel through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Over the next several years, the company began to advance fiscally resulting in the ability to expand the JE staff. The JE staff began to grow and the company began to develop more intentional educational travel experiences focusing on science, mission trips, American heritage, and senior class trips.

During all of the growth, Mr. Mahadi was constantly burdened to do more. Finally, it became clear how. He reorganized the financial structure of JE to begin to allow long-term support of local and international ministries. It became his driving passion to be not only send others on mission trips, but that JE as an organization should also love our neighbors.

In 2004, Joshua Expeditions became certified to offer Continuous Education Units to teachers that accompany their schools on the educational travel. The JE staff continues to passionately pursue further development of educational opportunities and partnerships.

Now JE sends thousands of travelers every year and the organization continues to develop new and unique opportunities in education and ministry.


“JE exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purpose, develop leaders, and share Christ through travel.”

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