Teachers Appreciation Stories Part 1



Thank you to all the teachers who participated in our Teacher Appreciation Giveaway! We have been reading some fantastic stories. You all are wonderful human beings, and we’re so happy for those of you who shared your stories with us to help us better understand how to appreciate you and to be encouraged to show our appreciation for all those who play a special role in our lives.

As a small token of appreciation, a $25 Visa gift card will be sent to each of the randomly-selected participants.

  1. Cynthia T.
  2. Karina S.
  3. Stacy S.
  4. Jeannette W.
  5. Miriam A.
  6. Marianne M.
  7. Alicia P.
  8. Rebecca M.
  9. Michael F.
  10. Donna B.

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Crystal L. – Spanish and Bible // Grades 9-12

A couple years ago, I had a student come to me after school and start asking me questions about relationships, God, salvation, etc. These question and answer sessions, which were inundated with scripture and prayer, continued for several months until the student made a genuine decision to enter into her own personal relationship with Christ! Upon her salvation, I had my college Bible that was full of things God had done in my life, sermon notes, etc., rebound and this student’s name embossed on it. A year later, she left for college and wrote a letter of gratitude to me and let me know that that Bible was her most prized possession. She included a picture of a leather bound Bible that she purchased and let me know that she was going to keep notes in her college Bible so that she would have such a precious gift to pass on to someone that she could spiritually influence some day. This is what it’s all about! The greatest token of appreciation that I ever receive are the “thank you’s” that include my investment in my students passing on into third spiritual generations!

Scott T. – U.S. History and Texas History // Grades 6-8

First year of teaching, I taught 12th Grade Government and Economics, with a lot of history added in! A quote of Abraham Lincoln was spoken often in my class: “Fellow Citizens we cannot escape history.” I want the students to understand history is being written by every moment they live…First year, first graduation, the salutatorian is reading his prepared speech. In his presentation, he included this quote and its significance to him. The valedictorian rises to speak. He reads his prepared speech and includes a remembrance of the significance of this same quote from class…To me, no greater gift of appreciation will ever be given to me. I will always be grateful to our Father, for His loving touch in my life to me and to others through me.

Rebecca M. – World History, United States History, American Government, Economics // Grades 9-11

During my first year of teaching, my students and I greatly enjoyed learning about the relationship between the American Revolution and the French Revolution. So, when we traveled to Washington D.C. and visited Mount Vernon, we all shared a special moment together when we saw the key to Bastille on display in the foyer. Following our time at Mount Vernon, I spent the night in the emergency room with a student. Knowing I had a difficult night, my students all chipped in and bought me a keychain replica of the key to the Bastille. It touched my heart to know that they were thinking of me and wanted to say thank you. Four years later, chipped, faded and worn, I still carry around this keychain as a reminder of their thoughtfulness, love for learning and the special place this first year will always hold in my heart.

Jeannette W. – Social Studies // Grades 9-12

Several years back I taught 3rd grade. During that year one of my students was involved in a hunting accident in which he had to run and get help. His grandfather did not make it…Trevor (name changed to protect privacy) would sit by my desk and text his mom when he became fearful. He kept special cards I had made which he could hold up when he was feeling overwhelmed, that way I knew what he needed without the rest of the class even being aware. This year Trevor is in 7th grade, [and] he has been struggling a little this year so I made arrangements for him to come to my room and work with another student to help him with his schoolwork. Recently Trevor said as he was leaving my class, “Got something for you Mrs. W.” … As I unwrapped the small box and lifted the lid I saw a pale purple bracelet of beads. Trevor said in his slow southern drawl, “It’s for Alzheimer’s.” We hugged and cried and agreed we have been through a lot together over the years and God has been right there with us. Trevor knows the heartache I have endured with my father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s for 10 years, heading to a nursing home, where I visited him every morning before school, and eventually passing 8 years ago. Now my mom is in a nursing home struggling with the same disease. He couldn’t have given me a more precious gift to represent the path we have walked together. I wear the pale purple bracelet daily as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and the love of a student.

Karina S. – Bible, Spelling, Reading, Language, History, Art, and Math // Grade 6

While gift cards and lunches are amazing, heartfelt thanks goes so much farther with me. I had a parent get every student to write me a thank you note. Even better – that parent had every other parent also write a thank you note. The notes from the students were too precious for words, but the notes from the parents left me speechless. They recognized that I am also a parent to their son or daughter. They thanked me for birthday celebrations, handling tough days, and being a constant in their student’s life. I think it was so impactful for me because kids always say “You’re the best teacher” [or] “We love you.” But to hear it from parents helps to lend some validation to what you do every day.

Michelle C. – English // Grades 10-12

Many times my students are required to print and bring essays that they have written for an assignment in my class. Many times those students run into “problems” with printing issues at home. I made mention to my senior class that it would be cool if we could have a printer to use as backup for those particular situations. Many weeks after my birthday, a group of my senior students come to my room and presented me with a “collection” of monies and a letter. They wanted me to purchase a printer for my room because “they loved me.” I was so humbled by their gift and with how much they cared for me. We were able to purchase a printer, two ink cartridges, and a box of paper. Many will walk into my classroom and see a simple printer, but it will forever be a reminder of the generosity of some very giving students!!

Kristen P. – Science // Grades 5-6

At our school, we are a family. Teachers, students, parents all work together to make our kids successful (for the most part). My husband and I are both teachers here, and we have had a lot of contact with our students because of this. When we found out we were having twins, our students got together and bought us the car seats, the double stroller, and gave us a significant amount of money to buy what we needed for the new arrivals. Their words and actions were so overwhelming.

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