Programs for SBACS Schools |

Programs for SBACS Schools

At Joshua Expeditions, we believe that a strong foundation for students begins with Kingdom education, and our partnership with Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools is integral to providing mission-based travel that builds purpose in the lives of students. This type of education is defined by Glen Schultz in his book Kingdom Education as “a life-long Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading a child to Christ, building a child up in Christ, and equipping a child to serve Christ.” In order to equip students we believe that they need to discover their divine purpose. We believe that in-class education combined with mission-based educational travel can inspire giftedness and purpose, thereby equipping students to make a global change.

Working directly with Southern Baptist missionaries and organizations, Joshua Expeditions and SBACS are able to create consistency in ministry and service. All mission projects will be arranged through your own missionary contacts or through the contacts of Joshua Expeditions, allowing for the establishment of enduring relationships and global outreach for years to come. The people served by SBACS will learn to anticipate the return of our groups, and students will be able to plant seeds for future generations.

The Joshua Expeditions motto is “Inspire, Develop and Share.” Like the vision of SBACS, we strive to inspire students through mission opportunities, to develop these students into future leaders, and to teach them to share the gospel using their gifts and talents. It is our hope that you and your school will come to know the value of mission-based educational travel as one more tool for helping students pursue Kingdom education.

Programs perfect for your students:
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Discover God’s creative handiwork while exploring Florida’s only living coral reef.
Emerald CoastFlorida’s Emerald Coast Explore God’s unique creation through hands-on exploration of Gulf aquatic life.
Jekyll IslandJekyll Island, Georgia You don’t have to travel too far to teach your students about the symbiotic relationship.
Camp CalebCamp Caleb In the unique setting of South Florida, children learn just how God created each and every one of us with a destiny and that it begins with a decision to follow Jesus Christ. SBACS will use the JE scholarship to bring students to this life-changing camp where they will have opportunities to lead and make an impact in children’s lives.
Partnership benefits:

  • Freedom to choose your own travel dates
  • No Registration fees
  • Ability to customize each and every trip to the specifications desired by the school and trip leaders
  • Private grouping guarantee — JE does not combine groups for any tours unless requested by the group leaders.
  • Discounted trip pricing based on sign-up through the SBACS corporate account. This discount will be a choice from two options: up to 5%, depending on the tour, or an additional free or discounted chaperone for your group.
  • JE will donate back to SBACS up to $5 for every paid traveler that registers through the SBACS account. This money will be used as scholarships for SBACS students.
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