Romania Missions Trip – November 2016


Bucharest, Romania – The morning air was very crisp as our group of twenty-two strolled through the Bucharest North train station. The group of students and staff from Faith Christian Academy of Arvada, Colorado was prepared for the cold and excited to get to work. Close to three hours later, our trip through the countryside of southern Romania ended in Brasov. As we walked out of the train station, we were met by Estera, a smiling Romanian woman overjoyed to meet us.

Over the next four days, we lived at Estera and Vio’s camp hidden away in the beautiful Romanian hills. By day, the group worked hard to help the couple prepare the grounds for winter. The air was filled with laughter as the students joyfully worked to serve the couple they had grown to love. Each day after thankful sweets from Estera and a few tumbles down the steep hills, the work at camp would wrap-up.

Evenings were the highlight of everyone’s trip. The group would set out each night to visit a different ministry that the couple led. It was a normal week for Estera and Vio to visit local orphanages and rural villages. Some villages were gypsy and others were not, yet all were filled with children who they love dearly. In each place, our students would sing songs, play games, do crafts, and make funny balloon hats. The students would also share stories of Christ’s faithfulness in their lives. Every night as our group walked back to the vans, though some nights there were tears, there was a joy. We were being given a gift; to see the Spirit of God at work in the city.

Many in America do not realize that southern Romania is a place hurting for the gospel. There is a great need for God’s people to engage the darkness in those rural communities. Communities that are ravaged by witchcraft, prostitution, sex trafficking, and alcoholism. Estera and Vio are a faithful couple following the Lord’s call to love their neighbors. As we saw their obedience and love, our entire group was left humbled. We were humbled to see true heroes of the faith fighting on the front lines daily trusting God.

On our last night of the trip, a question lingered on all our minds. “What was God calling us to do?” We had witnessed great courage and faithfulness, similar to that of George Mueller or Esther of the Old Testament. As our thoughts all turned to home, God’s Spirit was at work again calling each of us to faithfulness.