Applications and Payments may be submitted in three ways:

INTERNET — Submit your application at Online Traveler Application
Pay your deposit on the Payments page.

MAIL — Mail your completed application along with your deposit to:
Joshua Expeditions
6841 Virginia Pkwy
Ste 103 – #452
McKinney, TX 75071
Make check or money order payable to Joshua Expeditions.

FAX (applications only) — Fax your completed application to our office:
972-542-3025 or 1-877-603-9817

Please Note: If you fax your application, you will need to pay your deposit online
or mail your deposit to the above address.


Joshua Expeditions offers two billing options. Your group leader will select a billing type for your group. Your billing type will be communicated to you by your group leader.

Parent Billing: The payment schedule will be emailed to the email address provided on the Traveler Application. Please be sure to include a valid parent email address to ensure you receive important communication from us. Payment reminder emails will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the payment due date. Additional payment reminders may come from the group leader or from Joshua Expeditions if the payments are past due. Please see the section below titled “Payments” for more information.

Organization Billing: The payment schedule will be provided to you by your group leader. All communication regarding payments will go directly to the group leader. All payments must be made directly to your organization, and your organization will forward payment to Joshua Expeditions.


The non-refundable deposit and non-refundable Group Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance (TCTI) premium (if applicable) are due by the date listed in your group’s payment schedule. Trip price and dates are not confirmed until we receive your deposits and applications. They are subject to change due to airline availability, unforeseen tax or fuel surcharge increases, as well as changes in group size and group-elected itinerary changes.

Deposits received more than 30 days after your deposit due date will automatically incur a $50 Late Registration Fee as well as any additional charges, such as additional airfare, activity costs, etc.


Deposits must be accompanied by a completed application form. Your application is not considered complete until we receive both the application and the deposit. Incomplete applications will be subject to the late registration fee 30 days after the deposit due date. All travelers, including adults and chaperones, are required to submit an application in order to be added to the trip. For airline purposes, please be sure to use your full legal name, as it appears on your passport, driver’s license or school ID.


Parent Billing: Payments must be received on or before the payment due date, or they will be subject to the late payment fee outlined below. We accept checks, money orders and credit cards for payment.

  • Pay by Check or Money Order:

    Be sure to include the Joshua Expeditions payment coupons, or a note with the school name/number, destination and traveler’s name with each payment.
    Mail your payment with your payment coupons to our corporate office:
    Joshua Expeditions, 6841 Virginia Pkwy, Ste 103 – #452, McKinney TX 75071.

  • Pay by Credit Card:

    Go to and click on the Pay Online button and follow the instructions.
    We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®.
    If you encounter difficulties submitting your payment online, please call our office at 1-888-341-7888 and we can assist you with your payment.

Organization Billing: Payments MUST be turned in to your group leader on or before the payment due date. Please check with your group leader for payment types accepted.
Late payment fees: There will be a late fee of $50 automatically added to each late payment ($20 for trips priced less than $500). To allow us to provide quality service, this will be strictly enforced. Late fees will be applied to payments that are not received by the scheduled payment due dates. Joshua Expeditions will not be responsible for lost payments. All fees will be the financial responsibility of the traveler.

NSF/Returned check fees: There will be a returned check fee of $35.00 fee for each returned check and late fees will apply to payments that are late due to returned checks.

Late Registration fees: There will be a late registration fee of $50.00 for all travelers that submit their application and deposit more than 30 days after the deposit due date. The late registration fee is in addition to any airline fees, additional airfare or activity costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Final payments are due in full 60 days prior to departure. If final payment is not received by the final payment due date, we reserve the right to cancel any traveler from the trip. If a traveler is canceled due to non-payment, the standard cancellation policy will apply.


** Please note: these are only guidelines. Refer to the payment schedule provided by your group leader for exact dates.

$100 deposit + $75 TCTI premium (if applicable) is due 2 weeks after the Expedition Form is received. ($30 TCTI premium for trips priced less than $500) Remaining trip price will be divided into four equal payments (25% of the balance due) with the final payment due 60 days before departure.


Refunds will only be issued upon written request. Refunds will be issued by Joshua Expeditions after all accounts for all travelers are paid in full. Please allow two to three weeks after all accounts have been paid in full for refunds to be issued to the organization. All overpayments due to organization sponsored fundraising will be refunded directly to the organization.

Parent billing: Refund requests can be emailed to or faxed to 1-877-603-9817.

Organization billing: Please contact your group leader directly for any refunds due on your account.


  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing and received by Joshua Expeditions by the dates listed below. Verbal cancellations are not accepted. Cancellations may be emailed to or faxed to 1-877-603-9817.
  • Refunds for cancellations will be issued according to the following schedule:

If cancellation notice received is:           
Cancellation fees equal:
> 120 days prior to departure Full deposit + TCTI premium (if applicable)
91-120 days prior to departure Full deposit + TCTI premium (if applicable) + 30% of the trip price.
46-90 days prior to departure Full deposit + TCTI premium (if applicable) + 50% of the trip price
0-45 days prior to departure 100% of the trip price (No refund or airline credit will be issued.)
  • Deposits, TCTI premiums, and fees are non-refundable (including late payment fees, late registration fees, fees for returned checks, and name change fees).
  • Deposits are transferable to a new, replacement traveler. Additional costs such as name change fees may apply.
  • If a traveler cancels after the group has been ticketed, even if it is more than 120 days before departure, the cost of the airline ticket is non-refundable and the airline ticket cannot be used for later travel by the individual.
  • In the event a trip is canceled by group leaders or administration for any reason, including a change in destination, Joshua Expeditions’ standard cancellation policy will apply.
  • Any participant expelled or disciplined by the school is subject to Joshua Expeditions’ standard cancellation policy.
  • If a participant is unable to obtain the required travel documents, Joshua Expeditions’ standard cancellation policy will apply.
  • Refunds for all cancellations will be processed according to the refund policy outlined above (see REFUNDS).
  • Reminder: If your trip price does not include trip cancellation insurance, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing it. (Joshua Expeditions can provide you with information from third-party providers.) Cancellations for medical reasons, work reasons, etc., will be subject to the cancellation policy outlined above. Please refer to the insurance section for more information on trip cancellation insurance.


  • Each traveler is responsible for obtaining the required travel documents. For international travel, this includes obtaining a valid passport and any applicable visas for his or her trip, prior to departure. This is solely the responsibility of the traveler. Please allow at least 3-4 months to obtain a passport under normal conditions.
  • If a participant is unable to obtain the required travel documents Joshua Expeditions’ standard cancellation policy will apply.
  • If you already have a passport, please note, we do require that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return date.
  • Non-U.S. citizens must first contact the embassy or consulate of the destination countries for rules and procedures to obtain the required visas for international travel. Once they’ve contacted the destination embassy or consulate, they must then contact their own embassy to fulfill the requirements of travel. Visit the U.S. Department of State website at for information. It is strictly the responsibility of the traveler to obtain the proper passport and travel documents.
  • Minor participants traveling internationally require a “Permission Form for Minor Travelers” which must be signed and notarized by each parent and/or guardian-less than 30 days prior to departure.
  • Please note that in the very unlikely event of losing a passport while traveling, the traveler will be responsible for all costs associated with obtaining a new one.


    • Medical Emergency Insurance:
      This insurance is free of charge to your group for all International travel trips.
    Coverage:  Emergency Dental Coverage $100
    Medical Expense $50,000
    Emergency Medical Transportation $500,000
    • Detailed coverage information will be provided approximately 30 days prior to departure.
    • Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption (TCTI) Insurance (optional):
      In addition to our lenient cancellation policy, we provide you with optional TCTI, a safeguard to protect you while you travel. Your group leader has the option to include this coverage for all travelers in the group for an additional cost.


    Coverage:  Trip Cancellation Up to 100% of insured Trip Cost
    Trip Interruption Up to 100% of insured Trip Cost
    Trip Delay $500 (max of $100 per day)
    Baggage & Personal Effects Loss $1000
    Emergency Medical & Dental Expense $50,000
    Emergency Transportation $500,000


    • If your group leader declines the Group Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance coverage and you cannot attend the trip due to an emergency, illness or other unforeseen events, any refund amount will be based on the dates of written cancellation only. No exceptions.
    • If your group declines “group” coverage, you have the option to purchase “individual” trip cancellation insurance, which is based on the price of your trip. If you would like to purchase an Individual Trip Cancellation policy, you may do so by emailing us directly at
    • If you have questions about TCTI Insurance, you may contact our office directly at 1-888-341-7888 or 972-542-3024.


  • Round trip airfare, unless otherwise specified on your itinerary
  • Quality accommodations (including ministry housing for some mission trips)
  • All ground transportation, excluding optional activities
  • All group activity fees included in your itinerary
  • Full-time Joshua Expeditions guide for the entire duration of the trip
  • Local tour guides, per itinerary
  • Departure tax for international trips
  • Joshua Expeditions T-shirt
  • Luggage tag per traveler (excluding land-only trips)
  • Breakfast and dinners on all trips and lunches on selected programs, based on destination, arrival and departure times.

    Please note: lunches are not included on Europe trips, ski days, some select programs, or on the first and last days of any program. Check your itinerary for details about the meals included on your specific trip.


  • Tipping (unless otherwise specified) – Customary gratuities for bus/coach driver(s) and your tour guide(s). We recommend $2.00–5.00 per day, per person to tip your guides and bus drivers.
  • Snacks and souvenirs
  • Lunches on first and last days of your itinerary
  • Lunches on European and New York City trips
  • Lunches on ski days
  • Special room arrangements
  • Additional expenses due to traveler requested deviations from the group’s itinerary
  • Fees for optional activities selected by the group leader
  • Baggage fees charged by individual airlines
  • Surcharges due to fuel cost increases
  • Surcharges due to airline fees and tax increases
  • Surcharges due to currency exchange rate increases


  • Joshua Expeditions uses Air France, AirTran, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, TACA/LACSA, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Swiss Air, United Airlines, and other national and international airlines. Joshua Expeditions will not be responsible for scheduling changes, overbooking, missed connecting flights, long layovers, or any expenses related to such delays. Group travel requires flexibility, and due to airline policies, groups may be asked to split, change travel dates, or depart from alternate cities. Please note that in the very unlikely event of losing an airline ticket while traveling, the traveler will be responsible for all costs associated with getting a new one.

    Land Only options: Individuals may buy their own airline tickets or use air miles and join the group at the first hotel on the itinerary. (All students must fly with an adult). When obtaining their own airline tickets, individuals are responsible for their own transportation to and from the hotel or airport. To request Land Only pricing, please contact your group leader.

    Deviations: Individuals may request to travel on different dates from the rest of the group, however, such deviations from the group’s scheduled departure and return travel dates and times may result in an increased expense that is the responsibility of the individual. To request a deviation, please contact your group leader.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your total trip price does not include the checked baggage fees imposed by selected airlines for Domestic and International destinations.


  • To provide the most affordable prices, our standard pricing is based on 4 students per room, and include two double rooms for school/group chaperones. Our chosen hotels are clean and reputable and are centrally located. It is Joshua Expeditions’ policy that no adult may share a bed with a student unless the adult is the child’s parent and the same gender.
  • If requested, adults may be assigned to private rooms for an extra fee and subject to availability. Hotel prices vary and the exact cost will be indicated on your school/group online account. These fees will be charged for any additional rooms.
  • If your group policy differs from Joshua Expeditions’ policy, the group will be responsible for any additional room charges.


Safety is #1 at Joshua Expeditions. Our guides are professionals who have been thoroughly trained and possess specialization appropriate for their particular expeditions. They have extensive knowledge of the culture and terrain, and they can provide language assistance.

  • We require our guides to be certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Emergency medical insurance is provided for international trips at no additional cost.
  • Most of our hotels provide night security guards.
  • We provide each student with a complimentary t-shirt in order to help identify your students when traveling through the airport. We ask that everyone in the group wear these shirts on the departure date.
  • In some cases, your group may have the option of changing your destination if a location has become unstable or unsafe since the time the group signed up for the trip. Please contact our corporate office for details. Additional fees may apply.


  • Your trip begins with the takeoff of your flight from the departure airport or departure of the bus from your school (for bus trips). Your trip concludes with the completion of your return flight or arrival of the bus back at your school.
  • For the safety of all participants, Joshua Expeditions has strict guidelines on the communication of itinerary details. All participants will receive information regarding the trip itinerary, flight schedule, behavior guidelines, and all other trip-related information from their organization’s group leader. Parent billing travelers will also be able to download this information from the document library on our website. (The document library can only be accessed when you are logged into your account on the Joshua Expeditions website.)
  • Each participant and guardian assumes all risks involved with participating in the trip.
  • Joshua Expeditions, its employees, affiliates, participant schools, officers or directors cannot be responsible for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or expense resulting from any event beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, terrorism, strikes, violence, sickness, government restrictions and regulations, or any problems caused by the airlines, bus companies, trains, ships, hotels, and any other companies or individuals providing services to our groups.
  • Pricing for all trips is based on the number of travelers within the group. While we strive to maintain the lowest cost for our travelers, sometimes it is necessary to increase the price of the trip if the minimum number of travelers has not been met.
  • Pricing is subject to change due to airline availability, unforeseen tax or fuel surcharge increases, as well as changes in group size and group-elected itinerary changes.