*New* Joshua Expeditions Partnership in Uganda

In partnership with Engage Hope, Joshua Expeditions will now offer mission trips to local students in Uganda to share Christ with unreached tribes on the local islands. These fully-funded JE mission trips will give our local sponsored students the opportunity to share the love of Christ with their neighboring countrymen/women. Read the background story below and see how the Lord moved in the heart of JE’s CEO Amir Mahadi to partner in this new opportunity. 


The story:  After graduating from Baylor University in 1994, JE’s CEO Amir Mahadi moved to Oklahoma and started helping a local church in the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City.  It was there where he was first offered the opportunity to go and serve as a missionary in Lake Victoria, Uganda. After arriving right after college and not ready for that big of a commitment, he initially declined the offer. Fast forward 20 years, Mr. Mahadi attended a fundraising dinner where God moved his heart to help sponsor 50 students in Uganda. While at a lunch meeting with the President of Engage Hope three years later, Mr. Mahadi was offered another opportunity to help his sponsored Ugandan students go on mission trips to their nearby islands where hundreds of unreached tribes live. When asking which islands in Uganda, he was told Lake Victoria. God moved full-circle, bringing Mr. Mahadi the opportunity again to minister to tribes in Lake Victoria after twenty years. Seeing this connection, Mr. Mahadi jumped at this chance and humbly embraced this exciting opportunity.


Joshua Expeditions is thrilled to partner with Engage Hope and offer these fully-funded mission trips to our sponsored children in Uganda. Please join us in praying that these young Ugandan ministers and the unreached people would be forever changed by the love of Jesus Christ!


In 1998, Joshua Expeditions, Inc. was founded as a Christian educational travel organization for the purpose of allowing students to engage in world-wide travel through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Over the next several years, the company began to advance fiscally resulting in the ability to expand the JE staff. The JE staff began to grow and the company began to develop more intentional educational travel experiences focusing on science, mission trips, American heritage, and senior class trips.

During all of the growth, Mr. Mahadi was constantly burdened to do more. Finally, it became clear how. He reorganized the financial structure of JE to begin to allow long-term support of local and international ministries. It became his driving passion to not only send others on mission trips but make JE an organization that loves our neighbors.

In 2006, Joshua Expeditions became certified to offer Continuous Education Units to teachers that accompany their schools on the educational travel. The JE staff continues to passionately pursue further development of educational opportunities and partnerships.

Now JE sends thousands of travelers every year and the organization continues to develop new and unique opportunities in education and ministry.


“JE exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purpose, develop leaders, and share Christ through travel.”


Mission Statement:

Joshua Expeditions exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purposedevelop leaders, and share Christ through travel.

The Vision:

It is our vision here at JE that every travel experience, educational resource, training, or event align with at least one part of our mission always to the Glory of the Lord.

Inspire Purpose

We provide global opportunities that will challenge individuals to consider God’s purpose in their lives. Whether through an intentional site talk, incredible nature excursion, or simple intentional conversations, all travelers will be challenged to either consider Christ for the first time or be inspired to continue on in faithful ministry.

Develop Leaders

We provide global opportunities that will examine an individual’s character, expand their perspective, and challenge them to greater leadership.  We know from first-hand experience that travel can develop a broader perspective of the world and an increased cross-cultural understanding. We educate individuals on many of humanities greatest leaders in order to challenge a traveler to consider their leadership. We also offer active team building experience to cultivate personal character and leadership.

Share Christ

We provide global opportunities for individuals to engage others with the Gospel. Travelers are able to share Christ through both proclaiming and serving. Individuals are challenged to take a spirit of humility and love as they serve under local ministries in order to advance the Kingdom.


Quite simply, JE’s programs are designed to ignite hearts and minds to change the world. It is our passion to offer a unique perspective on travel by filtering the travel experience through the Christian worldview. Our trips must maintain a Christ-centered focus. Our job is more than coordinating travel, it’s a chance to live out our mission as Christians.


Joshua Expeditions offers a unique perspective on travel because we create programming through the Christian Worldview in order to assist Christian organizations to inspire purposedevelop leaders, and share Christ.


     What is a Biblical/Christian Worldview?

     Your worldview is the lens through which you view the world. If you are a Christian, that means Jesus is your Lord and we are called to live as He would have us. Scripture is our guide to know how Jesus would have us view and engage the world around us. So as Christians, we practice the Biblical or Christian Worldview which means we view and engage everything through the lens of scripture.


Thus, it is unbiblical to think that any part of the world or your life is outside the reign and influence of Christ. Therefore a “Christian” company cannot merely employ Christians, but it’s very goals and practices should be submitted to honoring Christ.

In light of this understanding, JE wants to view every part of the travel experience through the filter of the Christian Worldview, and consistently evaluate each part of the trip to see if we are maintaining a Christ-centered focus in our travel.