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JE for International Students

THE VISION OF OUR INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DEPARTMENT is to give international students the opportunity to experience American heritage, cultural diversity and exceptional academics.  These domestic tours for international students are designed to immerse foreign students in American culture.

Our company’s CEO first came to the United States as a political refugee from Iran, not knowing the language, landscape, or culture.  It was not until he started to engage socially, academically, and personally that he felt a comfort with his new country.  Living in a new country where one is unfamiliar with the culture and surroundings can be very intimidating.  He feels passionately that our tours should help students familiarize themselves with the greatest cities, landmarks, national parks, and universities our nation has to offer.


Joshua Expeditions can add value to your school’s international students programs by planning and guiding university campus tours for your exchange students! Give your international students the opportunity to preview American education at the next level!

Our Top U.S. Destinations for International Students

American Summer Camp: Coast to Coast

American Summer Camp: East Coast

Washington & NYC for International Students

San Francisco & Muir Woods for International Students

Orlando for International Students

NYC & Boston for International Students

New York City for International Students

Hawaii for International Students

East Coast for International Students

Explore Los Angeles

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