Since 2010, JE Groups have been intentionally praying for the local communities in the cities they visit.

Click on a country on the map to see photos of JE travelers. Return often and join us in prayer for each new destination.

Joshua Expeditions is committed to bringing Christ to the world, and the most effective tool we have is prayer. As thousands of students, chaperones, and tour directors visit destinations around the world, there will be many opportunities to stop and pray for the people and communities they encounter. At each location, individuals may volunteer to place a flag at the site and designate it as a place of prayer. In the Old Testament, the Israelites build memorials to remember the Lord’s faithfulness. This map is a visual memorial, to remind us all of God’s faithfulness and to never stop praying for our World.

We want our travelers to realize the need for prayer and to create a habit of praying for communities they visit. We invite you to join us as we ignite hearts to change the world!