Featured Trip – Missions in Arizona


On a recent JE trip, our own Senior Class Trip Specialist, Edward Robinson, had the privilege of leading a group of high school students on the mission in Arizona. We recently sat down with Mr. Robinson to discuss the trip and learn more about the life-change that occurred on the trip.

Joshua Expeditions: Can you briefly describe the mission of the trip you just lead?

Edward Robinson: We partnered with the Phoenix Dream Center and through them participated in Church On The Street ministry. Here we had the opportunity to set up booths at different apartment complexes in the Phoenix area. We played games with local kids, gave away clothing, and boxed up food to give away. We did all this to meet the needs of the local children and share the love of Christ.

JE: What distinguished this trip from others you’ve lead in the past?

ER: This trip was different from any other trip I’ve lead because the group was forced to travel through an ice storm. So they had many hurdles to jump before they ever started their mission trip. But when I met them, they were so full of life! We went back to the hotel, changed, and went out to minister to the youth that same day. Even though they were extremely exhausted, they went out and loved on the kids. That’s what made the difference. They did everything to the best of their ability.

JE: In what ways did you see the Lord move and work in this group?

ER: One of the ways I was able to see the Lord move during the week started on Day One. At the end of the day, the group was tired and exhausted, but still excited to gather together for devotions. We discussed how they ministered to the kids, and how God would bless their lives through their service. That first night, three young ladies and two young men ended up giving their lives to Christ! There’s nothing we did to make that happen. It wasn’t that JE planned this or did anything special, it was totally God who just moved in the hearts of the group.

JE: Praise God! So how were you then impacted on this trip?

ER: Personally, I was impacted by this trip because in my role, I’m usually trying to plan the trips, make contacts, and make sure everything goes smoothly. On this trip, specifically, I had the unique privilege of co-laboring with the youth in the ministry though face-painting, games, and passing out food boxes. To top it off, I was able to worship with the group during our Sunday Worship Service. You always build an unbreakable bond with a group when you co-labor with them in ministry. I must admit, the group was by far a bigger blessing to me than I was to them. I was surely blessed by the group and impacted during this mission trip.

JE: In reflecting on this trip, what would you say the Lord taught you?

ER: Patience….and more patience. As the Senior Class Trip Specialist, I try to do a great job and make sure that everything is lined up and planned out. Being a Type A personality, I want to have all of my ducks in a row and make sure that everything’s perfect. But I forget sometimes that God is sovereign. So no matter what I do to try and make everything come together, God is ultimately in control. I don’t want to be like Martha [Luke 10:38-42], who was busy in the kitchen when her sister chose instead to sit at the feet of Jesus. I learned on this trip, not to try so hard to make everything perfect, but because God is sovereign everything’s going to work out. My main focus is ultimately how I can give glory back to God. That’s something I’m learning; how to step back and remember God is ultimately in control.

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