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Joshua Expeditions for Churches

Does your church need a travel partner?

Contact us to find out how to take advantage of the Joshua Expeditions travel network.  By partnering with Joshua Expeditions your church will enjoy all of these great benefits:

  • Custom itineraries.  Our Travel Coordinators can work with you to create entirely new mission trip opportunities, or utilize existing itineraries and established relationships.
  • Flexible pricing and payments.  We offer convenient payment plans, and can accept and manage all payments for your trip.
  • In-house airline department.  Our in-house airline department will work with you to find the best group rates possible.
  • JE Global Network.  JE has mission contacts all across the globe, and over 18 years of international travel experience.
  • Support for our Food for the Children program.  With every trip we coordinate, we are able to feed one of our partner orphanages for a week.

Our desire is to be a resource for anyone looking to spread the gospel and serve the poor.  Feel free to contact us for help with any part of your mission trips.

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