China Service and Culture Tour |

China Service and Culture Tour

Tour Preview

Days 1-2 – Travel Day / Temple of Heaven
  • Arrive in Beijing, China
  • Meet your Joshua Expeditions Tour Guide
  • Transfer to hotel to drop off luggage
  • Lunch in downtown Beijing—Hot Pot Experience
  • Temple of Heaven | Hong Qiao Market Shopping
  • Chinese Language Lesson– Basic Introductions and Culture
  • Dinner– Nanjing food and early to bed

**today’s activities will depend on the groups arrival time.

Day 3 – Culture and History in Beijing
  • Early morning national Anthem & Chinese flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square*
  • Self-guided tour through the Forbidden City
  • Lunch at Shang Dong Restaurant |Shopping at the Pearl Market, Yashow and WangFuJing
  • Authentic Chinese Peking Duck Dinner
  • Devotions and lights out

  *This will happen at sunrise so the group will need to be up early

Day 4 – China's Great Wall at Mutianyu
  • Scenic drive through the Chinese Countryside
  • Explore the Great Wall at Mutianyu
  • Countryside Farmer Lunch
  • Great Wall sled ride down to parking & shopping
  • Dinner at famous Chinese dumpling restaurant
  • Back to the hotel for devotions
Day 5 – Beijing International Christian Fellowship (Sunday)
  • Check out of hotel and head to the Beijing International Christian Fellowship
  • Worship with Ex-Pats from over 70 nations around the world at BICF
  • Depart for the foster home by bus
  • Orientation and dinner at the foster home
Days 5-10 – Foster Care / Village Outreach (Sunday through Friday)
  • Foster Home: Spending time loving foster babies (many with medical issues such as cleft pallet), Assisting with foster home nannies, cleaning, gardening, helping to run the pre-school and ESL afterschool programs
  • Local Community: Service projects for the poor (cleaning, painting, light construction), spending time with the communities elderly.
  • Lodging: Most groups stay at the Guest House which has five rooms with in-suite bathrooms. Two rooms are dorm style with 4 bunk beds (8 persons) and 3 bunk beds (6 persons). The other three rooms are family style rooms with a double bed and a bunk bed (3-4 persons). So the total available beds are 23, with the possibility of adding 3 rollaway beds for 26. We prefer to keep groups around 20 people in order to give everyone time to volunteer in the Foster Home.
Day 10 – Departure
  • Depart the foster home and arrive at the Beijing International Airport
  • Head for home
Applicable Details

*Additional service opportunities are available based on schedule, availability and group size.

**If you have specific sights that you would like to see while in China, please let us know.

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The JE Experience

What can you expect to experience on your JE tour?

Not every tour provides opportunities for the exact same adventures, but we train our JE Guides to lead you in experiencing these five aspects of any culture you visit — what we call The 5 “Locals.”

As you experience The 5 “Locals,” we hope you do so not as any cultural observer would. Rather, we seek to immerse you in other cultures specifically from a Christian worldview. That leads us to ask three questions as you experience The 5 “Locals”:

  1. What value or naturally good things has God placed in this culture?
  2. How has God already been working in this culture as part of his ongoing work of reconciling all things to himself?
  3. Are there ways I can participate in this work by serving others and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The JE Difference

Inspiring Purpose

We provide global opportunities that will challenge individuals to consider God’s purpose in their lives. Whether through an intentional site talk, incredible nature excursion, or intentional conversation, all travelers will be challenged to either consider Christ for the first time or be inspired to continue on in faithful ministry.

Developing Leaders

We provide global opportunities that will examine an individual’s character, expand their perspective, and challenge them to greater leadership.  We know from firsthand experience that travel can develop a broader perspective of the world and an increased cross-cultural understanding. Our tours challenge travelers to consider their character and leadership skills.

Sharing Christ

We provide global opportunities for individuals to engage others with the Gospel. Travelers are able to share Christ through both proclaiming and serving. Individuals are challenged to take a spirit of humility and love as they serve under local ministries to advance the Kingdom.

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