From Exile to Ministry

Joshua Expeditions Founder and CEO, Amir Mahadi is a living example of God’s providence.  Amir and his family were forced to flee Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and lived as refugees in Europe until being allowed to immigrate to America.  Growing up as a foreigner in small-town Texas, going to school, making friends, and understanding America culture was further complicated by his struggle to learn English and overcome the past his family had left behind in Iran.  It’s the freedom from this feeling of loneliness and isolation that Amir enjoys communicating with students.  He believes it’s a feeling that many students can identify with and can find freedom from.  Being a teenager is a complicated and oftentimes painful experience, but what Amir likes to remind students is that the smallest gesture can lead to amazing things.

For Amir, that small gesture was being invited to play basketball by a classmate.  As the saying goes, God works in mysterious ways, and this invitation to play basketball is what ultimately led a lonely, ex-Muslim to find Christ, attend a Christian University and eventually start a Christian travel company that supports ministries around the world.  That invitation to play basketball is the purest and straightforward example of what it means to be mission-minded.

For students, Amir’s testimony is a challenging and inspiring example of how God can use the simplest gesture to make a huge difference.  As a part of our Food for the Children campaign, Joshua Expeditions has been supporting a refugee center in Rome.  After visiting this center, Amir was amazed to find out that this was the same center he had spent time in as a little boy.  We love how God’s providence, protection, and plans are shown to be perfect in how He transformed the scared Muslim boy in that center into a Christian CEO who is able to give back to people who are under similar circumstances.

Read more about Amir’s story here.


If you are interested in having Amir speak at your school’s chapel, please fill out the form here.  Amir and Joshua Expeditions do not charge any type of fee or honorarium.

If Amir’s schedule does not fit with your school’s chapel, feel free to show the video below at your function.  We request that any events where this video is shown are free events.