Mission Statement:

Joshua Expeditions exists for the purpose of assisting Christian organizations to inspire purposedevelop leaders, and share Christ through travel.

Our Vision:

It is our vision here at JE that every travel experience, educational resource, training, or event align with at least one part of our mission always to the Glory of the Lord.

  • Inspire Purpose
    We provide global opportunities that will challenge individuals to consider God’s purpose in their lives. Whether through an intentional site talk, incredible nature excursion, or simply intentional conversations all travelers will be challenged to either consider Christ for the first time or be inspired to continue on in faithful ministry.
  • Develop Leaders
    We provide global opportunities that will examine an individual’s character, expand their perspective, and challenge them to greater leadership.  We know from first hand-experience that travel can develop a broader perspective of the world and an increased cross-cultural understanding. We also educate individuals on many of humanities greatest leaders in order to challenge a traveler to consider their leadership. We also offer active team building experience to cultivate personal character and leadership.
  • Share Christ
    We provide global opportunities for individuals to engage others with the Gospel. Travelers are able to share Christ through both proclaiming and serving. Individuals are challenged to take a spirit of humility and love, as they serve under local ministries to advance the Kingdom.

Quite simply, JE’s programs are designed to ignite hearts and minds to change the world. It is our passionate desire to never leave these three purposes, but to always provide a service that points others to Christ.